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Why we
do what we do.

It’s all about the people. We truly listen, we truly care, we truly make a difference.

Why we started

We started our business because we saw that business owners within the childcare sector needed expert support to build, manage or improve the quality and profitability of their centres.

When you’re dedicated to providing an exceptional quality of care, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the workload and demands on your time. It’s a difficult job which needs you to have a huge range of skills, often taking you out of your comfort zone. We understand that you need support and that’s why we’re here. We care.

As your partner or mentor, we’ll ease your burden and help you rediscover the joy in your business. We’ll give you the freedom to play to your strengths and do what you love, while we take care of the rest. We’ll give you the confidence to lead your team and meet or exceed your own high service expectations.

Based in Brisbane, Giggletree is an Australian-owned childcare consultancy, management and advisory company supporting childcare centres Australia-wide.

We work with existing centres and we also manage the building and development of new centres

We help you improve your processes, prepare for assessment and rating visits, and effectively manage your centres. We also assist in the development of new centres. From providing input and advice to centre design and layout, preparing forms, policies, and procedures, assisting with the licensing process, recruitment of staff, management of parent inquiries and waitlists, and the opening and ongoing management of the centre.

Our Vision

Deliver a meaningful journey of discovery to greatness for all stakeholders.
Through trusting and personalised connections that meet everyone's individual needs Giggletree empowers all involved to be the best they can be through providing remarkable experiences.

A fun happy environment

We foster collaboration and teamwork
Fun and laughter are sounds you will hear from our environment
Success is celebrated

Conduct with integrity

We respect each other
We hold ourselves accountable for all commitments made
We make a difference by creating value for all stakeholders

Exceeding expectations

We commit to greatness to exceed expectations
We strive to continually grow and learn
We encourage and embrace challenges with creativity, innovation and optimism

Giggletree Culture Promise

We provide support for team members to grow both personally and professionally
We provide technology enablers to allow team member to be efficient and effective
We create an environment of open communication as it is essential for a positive team culture

We are experts at what we do

Ours is a team of experienced professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the childcare industry and in business development.

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Development Manager

Development Manager

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