Childcare Management

Managing a childcare centre is a complex task, thanks to regular changes in regulations and constant monitoring of compliance.

Ready to grow and improve your childcare business and increase your financial security?

It’s hard to provide a service while you’re juggling the administrative and legal side of the business.

Our experienced childcare management specialists will help you build a healthy and financially steady business so you can deliver a high standard of service to the families who rely on you. We implement simple, effective processes that balance human preferences with efficient operating systems.

Our full-service childcare management group provides operational management support services to our centres. We are on-site with our services on a regular basis, offering one-on-one support when you need it.

Childcare management professionals are the keys to business success.

Currently managing 20 centres, we have proven expertise in childcare centre licensing, compliance with the Early Years Learning Framework and management of a centre’s daily operations. Supported by the latest technology, our qualified and experienced team are also experts in managing the centre’s finance.

How we can help

We assist in the development of new centres. From providing input and advice to centre design and layout, preparing forms, policies, and procedures, assisting with the licensing process, recruitment of staff, management of parent inquiries and waitlists, and the opening and ongoing management of the centre.

Day-to-Day operations

  • Establishing effective operating systems for Standard Operating Procedures and Administrative Systems.
  • Review and Implementation of Policy and Procedures
  • Support with Quality Improvement Plan
  • NQF Documentation and Support
  • Assessment and Rating preparation and ongoing support
  • Compliance support
  • H & S implementation and ongoing support
  • Liaise with relevant responsible authorities on behalf of the centre and approved provider
  • Ongoing support of the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Centre Audits
  • Liaise between owners and the staff team
  • Inclusion Support assistance
  • Implement and oversee a strategic Advertising and Marketing Plan
  • Childcare Subsidy (CCS)
  • Kindergarten Funding
  • Implement and oversee effective HR procedures
  • Implementation of KPI’s and ongoing review

Financial and Admin Services

  • Payroll – including single touch payroll
  • Accounts Receivable and payable
  • Debtors
  • Superannuation
  • BAS
  • Implementation of Yearly budgets
  • Monitoring of Centre Budgets and Reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Weekly and Monthly reporting
  • Support of QikKids including phone support and regular audits, training

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