Amanda Berentsen

Marketing & Practice Co-ordinator

Diploma in Childcare and Education, Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood and Education and she is currently studying her Bachelor of Psychological Science & Counselling.

Amanda has dedicated over 19 years to Early Childhood Education, holding a variety of positions from Educator and Lead Educator to Organisational Educational Advisor and Centre Support Manager.

With 14 years of experience in management and support roles, Amanda deeply understands the daily challenges of managing a centre and providing high-quality support to a team. She believes that transforming the Early Childhood profession begins with enhancing support for Educators, Leaders, and Managers. To foster safe, respectful, and enriching environments for children, it’s essential to offer similar learning environments for the professionals and adults in the sector.

Amanda is passionate about the pivotal role of relationships in delivering high-quality education. She believes that respect-based relationships are essential for creating and developing a clear vision. Her extensive experience in supporting quality practice has shaped her into an understanding and approachable professional with a philosophy grounded in respect and strength-based perspectives.

Inspired by the works of Dr. Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber, Amanda completed the RIEĀ® Foundations course in 2017, integrating these principles into her daily practices with both children and adults.

Additionally, Amanda is a proud mama, and this role profoundly influences her work. Her experience as a mother enriches her understanding of children’s needs and the importance of nurturing, respectful environments. This personal insight fuels her dedication to creating supportive spaces for both children and educators, ensuring that her professional practice is always informed by empathy and real-world understanding.

Position: Marketing & Practice Co-Ordinator