Angela Round

Development Manager

Angela has worked in the early childhood sector for over 15 years, with experience across a range of roles including centre based management, independent consulting and experience as an Authorised Officer. These experiences have facilitated a well-versed and practical approach to her role as a Development Manager, and in her interactions with providers, educators, children and families.

Angela’s experience as an authorised officer in NSW and QLD ignited her passion for compliance, reflective practice, improving quality and engaging in the Assessment & Ratings process. This role provided her with opportunities to participate in innovative project work, conduct collaborative first tier reviews and provide educational support to a range of services. Angela also found an interest for coaching and mentoring whilst supporting services in their individual journey in applying the National Quality Framework and improving outcomes for children.

Since becoming a Mum, Angela’s passions have expanded further in relation to respectful relationships with children and our engagement with families. She strives to always be approachable and facilitate a fair and equitable process to all she does. Angela has a strong belief that each service is individually reflective of its children, families, educators, management and local community.

Academically, Angela holds a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education and a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. Angela is currently balancing her return from maternity leave by performing a dual role – Development Manager and Operations Administrator and is enjoying supporting the team through this unique opportunity.

Position: Development Manager